Common Questions

How big are the dumpsters?

We currently offer 3 sizes and they have about the same foot print as the common household vehicle. Round about dimensions are

12' L x 8' W x 3.5' - 5' T. 


Do you take steps to protect driveways?

If requested, we lay down engineered lumber to protect your home. Just ask. Our drivers also take pictures before and after delivery. We also avoid setting dumpsters near the edge of your driveway, because we hate to mess up yards and those areas of concrete tend to be where the concrete is weakest.


Do you offer bulk discounts to contractors/professionals?

Yes, please contact us and describe your monthly or annual needs. We're happy to "tailor it up"!


Awesome, so you offer discounts to professionals, but what about the rest of us?

We are pleased to take care of our customers. For every address that requires a second or third dumpster we deduct $10 off the second swap and $20 off the third swap. This is limited to initial delivery address only. A new delivery address to same customer would enter a new agreement. Limitations apply and delivery address must fall within our standard delivery area.


"I hate cleaning up. Can you do it for me?"

Absolutely. We would love to clean your stuff up. We review the job and get you a price quickly. Estimates are free, just ask! 


What is not allowed in dumpsters?

We have to abide by state laws in use of the landfills. Dumpsters cannot contain any of the following items: adhesives, asbestos, batteries, contaminated soils, food waste (unsecured), fuels, industrial drums, infectious waste (bandages/needles), oils, paints/lacquers, railroad ties, refrigerators and air conditioners, tires, hot water tanks. These items all require proper recycling. We can provide solutions for these items, but they cannot go into a dumpster without notice. Additional costs will apply. 


When is the dumpster considered full?

To comply with state transportation requirements, loads must not exceed the height of the dumpster. It prevents us from properly covering the load during transportation to the landfill. We charge a trip fee of $100 if we arrive and the load is overfilled plus additional time to transfer the load to another container. Please don't make us be the bed guy on this. We didn't make the rule, but we have to follow it. 


Whats the max weight?

Dumpsters cannot exceed 3 tons or about 6000lbs. Unless you are loading concrete, brick,  dirt, or ceramic tile, you should be well within these tolerances. 


What if something leaks out of the dumpster?

It is completely possible for liquids to leak out of our dumpsters.  They are not watertight. Please refrain from disposing of liquids in our dumpsters. They can damage our containers and they are not allowed in landfills. Fines will applied to all violations of this policy.

Do you offer a military/first responder discount?

Heck yeah we do. 10% honored for the honored, just ask.

      *Minimum rental time of 6-9 days is required.